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How Our Farm Works

Faster than Fast, Quicker than quick!


Our Process

1. Rehydrating Our Soil 

Here at We're About Sprouts we use Organic coco coir only! It comes in 10lb bricks that we rehydrate with hot water so this takes some time to cool down, giving us plenty of time to prepare everything else!

Farm 1
Farm 2

2. Soaking Seeds

Here at We're About Sprouts we use only Reverse Osmosis water for all of our different water needs! Our seeds soak overnight in RO water to reduce any risk of contaminated seeds!

3. Sanitize All Trays

We make sure to keep everything we do as clean as possible! We use food service grade sanitizer and wash all of our trays by hand!

Farm 3
Farm 3

4. Sowing Seeds

After our soil medium has cooled, our seeds have soaked, and our sanitized trays have dried its time to begin the fun part... Growing Microgreens!!! We weight out our seeds separately for each tray and use up-cycled spice bottles to evenly disperse our seeds! Finally we press the seeds into the soil and place in our dark room!

5. Waiting and Watering

Most of our microgreens love a good black out period! After about 1-6 days depending on the variety we take the trays out, expose them to light, make sure they have the proper amount of moisture in the drip tray daily and wait till they're done!

Farm 1
Farm 2

6. Cut And Package

All of our microgreens are sold as wash before use to maintain the integrity of the product! While we do grow indoors in a controlled environment we always suggest washing them off before eating! A quick rinse and pat dry and your ready for the magic!

7. Time For Market

After we package our greens its time to hit the market! To make sure our product is as fresh as possible we cut all of our microgreens on the day of sale!

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