Our Roots Grow Deep

While we may be a new company our roots grow deeper by the day! Our love for microgreens and the world of health and wellness never wavers! We started this company to provide people in the Metro Detroit area with a fresh take on what health food looks like and how it can be added to everyday meals!


Get To Know Your Farmers

Chris Arnold

Inside Greenhouse

I can pretty easily say I knew my whole life I was going to be a farmer one way or another! Something about working with your hands and getting the dirt on your fingers really puts me at ease! Growing microgreens has been an amazing adventure so far and I know I won't stop here. My main reason for starting this farm is to open new networks and channels for those less fortunate to get healthy, high nutrition meals at little to no cost at all! While that may be down the road for this small farm, my goals guide me and I know in no time we will be helping families all over the Metro Detroit area!


Get To Know Your Farmers

Amira Almuhaisen

Inside Greenhouse


Wheat Crop

Our Why

What Keeps Us Going

Being able to provide families with healthy meal additions to boost their overall well-being. Our favorite part is getting to see the smile on peoples faces when we show them the benefits and delicious taste of microgreens!